POWC - Board Of Directors


                         George Block 

  • George Block is currently serving as President of the World Swimming Coaches Association and Chair Emeritus of many San Antonio non-profits.
  • From 2009-2012, Mr. Block was COO, then CEO of Haven for Hope, San Antonios transformational homeless center. Under Mr. Blocks leadership, Haven developed its In-House Recovery Program (IHMP), a self-contained recovery and rehab program for homeless men and women. Based on that model, he initiated the development of a Mental Health Dorm, where homeless patients could receive daylong, outpatient mental health treatment and support.

  • The bulk of Blocks career was spent in education and athletics, where he had a Hall of Fame career. As the Director of Aquatics and Assistant Director of Athletics for the Northside School District he developed the Northside Aquatic Center into an internationally recognized center for athlete development.

  • In his over three decades at Northside, Coach Block has developed 9 Olympians, 50 UIL State Gold Medalists, over 285 All-Americans, Olympic Trials qualifiers in 1984-88-92-96-2000 and 2008, and numerous National and Junior Champions. He has produced Olympians in three different sports (swimming, triathlon and pentathlon) and Olympic swimmers from four different countries (United States, Nicaragua, Egypt and Algeria).

  • Away from the pool deck, Mr. Block was co-founder and Chair of many non-profits: Alamo Area Aquatics (Olympic-development aquatics), San Antonio Sports (major events, youth sports, facility development), Voices for Children (early childhood research and advocacy), the Northside Education Foundation (education innovation), The Valor Club (veteran homelessness prevention), and the De Novo Foundation (cash grants to formerly homeless men and women).

  • Coach Block is married to Margie, a retired nurse. They have three children, Meagan, a Family Law Attorney; Jeremy, a teacher and coach; and Jackson, a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering.

Vice President

                         Brandy Buntin 

  • Brandy Buntin was born in Washington and spent most of his adolescence growing up on a boat in Alaska. Apart from the many other places, he has lived (Washington, Alaska, Mexico, Texas, & Hawai'i, and now South Padre Island). Mr. Buntin has been around the water surrounded by tourist destinations.

  • For the last 20 years, he has invested his time into working in what he knows best, tourist destinations & business development.

  • Mr. Buntin currently manages family-owned businesses dedicated to tourism and development in Hawai'i and South Padre Island. He oversees a tour management concierge in Hawaii as well as many tour management companies that he started on South Padre Island.

  • Mr. Buntin is Vice-President for Business Development on the Board of Directors for Property Owners Who Care (POWC). He manages outreach programs of POWC in developing new business growth opportunities for the Island.

  • Mr. Buntin spends his free time networking for Island growth and focusing on sustainable business development.


                         Eleana Jones  

  • Eleana is a CPA and a Real Estate Broker, owning and operating with her business partner and husband, Wally Jones, Padre Getaways, a vacation rental management company, and real estate brokerage on South Padre Island.

  • After starting her career in public accounting, Eleana served as Tax Director and CFO of private companies in the hospitality and entertainment industries before moving to South Padre Island full time.

  • Eleana serves on the Board of Directors of Property Owners Who Care City (POWC-SPI) and the South Padre Island Hotel Tax Task Force. Eleana has served on the South Padre Island Hotel Tax Task Force and is a past Treasurer of the South Padre Island Board of Realtors.       

  • She is currently a member of both the South Padre Island and Dallas/Fort Worth MetroTex Board of Realtors.


                      Thomas E. Meurer  

  • Tom Meurer is a former Hunt Consolidated Inc senior executive and director who retired in 2015.
  • Currently he served as an independent director of Petrus trust Company, a Texas private bank, that is owned by and manages the assets of the Ross Perot family of Dallas.
  • He is also an independent advisor to the Bolton Trust Company, a Texas private bank that manages the assets owned by the Ray Hunt Family of Dallas.
  • As a semi retiree in addition to the fiduciary work, he spends time, writing, reading, managing self-investments and real estate properties, traveling, volunteer boards and creating a native wildlife area on his 175ac farm outside Dallas.  
  • Special hobbies are exercise and fishing.

                                                                          Ray L. Hunt  

  • Ray Hunt is a businessman from Dallas. 

  •  He has been coming to South Padre Island for over 45 years and has seen the city evolve from a very small town known primarily for its excellent fishing to what it is today.  

  • He has been associated with numerous Island-related activities. 

                                                                         Davis Rankin  

  • Education:       Graduated McAllen High School, one year at Texas A&M (not in the Corps), thence to Southern Methodist University (SMU) and from which I was graduated.                         

  •  Mother wanted me to be a lawyer but, instead, I went into newspaper work, first, at The Stamford American-Leader in West Texas and then for The Abilene Reporter-News.

  •  After a bit, I was lured back to the Valley by the big dollars (compared to newspapers) of TV news, going on to work for four years at KGBT in Harlingen, a CBS affiliate.  Reporter, editor, anchor, too!  

  • Whether it's done well or badly, television news is hard work, harder than it looks on TV.  A break was needed and I took one, heading to New York City, with a musician friend. There, I enjoyed the single life in Manhattan and eventually working at CBS News, first as a desk assistant and then as a news clerk to Dan Rather as he took over The CBS Evening News from Walter Cronkite.   


  •  When the hostages came back from Iran in January, 1981, they went to West Point.  All the news operations wanted to cover the story and CBS sent me up there to help with the live broadcasts, behind the scenes, of course.                

  • Restless again, after a year, it was back to Texas as Press Secretary for the GOP Lt. Governor candidate, George Strake.  He lost.  In fact, ALL the statewide Republicans lost in a rout.  In spite of that, two state representatives needed a press aide and I got hired and was there for the 1983 Legislative Session.                   

  • Then came a real change of pace.  My father,  Charlie Rankin, a longtime broadcaster of agricultural news on radio & TV in the Valley, and others bought KURV Radio in Edinburg, which has been a news & talk station since, a news & talk radio station since the mid '70s. 

  •  He has been coming to South Padre Island for over 45 years and has seen the city evolve from a very small town known primarily for its excellent fishing to what it is today.  

  • He has been associated with numerous Island-related activities. 

                                                                         Mike Boswell

  • Mike Boswell was born in wills point Texas in 1940. He is a graduate of Marion military Institute, Southern Methodist University and southern Methodist law school.

  • For a time he practiced private business law in Dallas and then went to New York and operating in the legal/investment banking industry. He has extensive experience in working in large commodity transactions especially those involving sugar and silver. For a period of 10 years Mr. Boswell served as chairman of the board and chief executive officer of sunshine mining corporation. There after he became a minority partner with Boone Pickens and BP capital management a commodity investment firm. In 2008 Mr. Boswell became a senior vice president of Hunt consolidated and retired that position in 2019.

  • Mr. Boswell and his family have owned a home on the island for over 40 years and have extensively fished in the Gulf of Mexico and the Laguna Madre. He was a co-founder and animal regional director of property owners who care South Padre Island.

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