Mission Statement

Mission Statement of POWC 

Why does POWC exist? 

The purpose of POWC has always been to provide information to its members.  POWC‘s objective is for its members to be the best-informed individuals on the Island on matters of importance to the Island we love – whether our members live on the Island or have second homes here.  

POWC‘s overarching vision for the City of South Padre Island is to have: 

(1) 100% transparency in government and; 

(2) a family-friendly environment for the Island.  

(When one looks around the world, except for the Disney cities, every great tourist destination was first a great place to live for its residents.  POWC supports the City of South Padre Island attracting young families and building a strong economy for the Island that is robust all 12 months of the year.)

How does POWC accomplish its mission?

POWC has three (3) primary vehicles for providing information to its members/subscribers.  Its primary vehicle is publishing Island Matters, the non-profit online newspaper of the Island.  Island Matters is 100% fact-based and deals primarily with public sector matters.

Conversely, any opinion articles or member-specific information appears in POWC‘s second news vehicle, the POWC Newsletter.  

The third method for providing information (although temporarily suspended for COVID-19) is Member Events. POWC Member Events deliver interesting information in a social atmosphere to its members/subscribers. Member Events occur at local member businesses, and both local and off-island experts discuss topics relevant to the Island.

POWC also sponsors candidate forums that are open to the general public.  POWC invites all candidates for local public office (city council, mayor, school board, water district, etc.) to speak to island voters and answer questions from our moderators and members/subscribers.

What are POWC’s Priorities?

POWC‘s members/subscribers set its priorities.  POWC is its members/subscribers. 

Members continuously send feedback.  POWC staff collates that feedback into questionnaires for its members/subscribers to develop POWC‘s Priorities for Island Development and the Principles for Island Governance that POWC supports.

POWC continually updates and adjusts its priorities to reflect new and/or changing circumstances relating to Island development and sound Island governance (an issue critical to any healthy and prosperous community).  

POWC does not endorse candidates for elected office.  POWC uses its priorities and principles to evaluate candidates for how well they adhere to our well-accepted principles for Island governance and their commitment to those priorities for Island development supported by POWC.  

A Business Roundtable for island businesses will follow the same process and collectively develop sound business development priorities.

POWC also supports a shared vocabulary for use on the Island.  Terms like quality of life, quality tourism, economic development, and transparency in government often are not clear as to their meaning because different people can interpret those phrases in different ways.  

When POWC uses these phrases, they mean:

Quality of Life – A family-friendly, economically-sound community environment that is vibrant throughout the year.

Quality Tourism – Multiple-night or extended visits to the Island by non-residents from throughout the world.

Economic Development – SIGNIFICANT improvements to the Island‘s current hospitality offerings, growth of the Island‘s existing businesses, and the attraction of new industries and professions to the Island are not currently present at an appropriate level.

Transparency in Government – Much like a window, transparency exists only if it exists 100%.  POWC will continue to support elected, appointed, and employed public sector officials being available for dialogue with media, citizens, civic groups, and constituents. 

POEC opposes elected, appointed, or employed public-sector officials or groups inappropriately concealing information from the public by utilizing legal loopholes relating to attorney-client privilege or claimed exceptions to the Freedom of Information Act.  

South Padre Island is a small island with a small population.  Secrets morph quickly into rumors, while transparency enables truth.  

"Lady Bird Johnson said, It takes not only the dreamers, the believers, the legislators, it will also take the keepers the watchful stewards [to protect a] national belonging such as Padre Island [it is] the miracle that man can tear apart but not reassemble."

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