7 Priorities for Island Development

These priorities were submitted, discussed, then voted on by the membership of POWC.  

These seven projects were selected from over 40 projects that were presented, then statistically ranked.

These projects were selected by our membership as POWC Priorities, by orders of magnitude, over the others.

1.  Complete phase two of the drainage study.

This wasn’t even close!  It was 5X as important as second place.  Link to Newsletter 

2.  Develop one or more "city centers."

The vision is pedestrian-oriented shopping, art, music, and restaurant area(s).  The suggested locations were Padre Blvd. access road from the 700 block to the 400 block and the Entertainment District.  The idea is to eliminate north-south traffic in these zones and only allow cross traffic for hotel/residence entry and parking.

3.   Develop an SPI app.

Our members want to know what is going on around the island every day!  This may be a CVB project, a public-private partnership, or something that could be developed by the private sector.  Points of interest are live music, restaurant specials, events, promotions, daily information, and deals.

4.  Incentivize our tropical look.

This item was about planting.  Our members want to incentivize more palm trees and flowering plants in both public and publicly-seen private spaces.  You pointed out that many of the palm trees on the island are killed or damaged by trimming practices that violate the standards promoted by the Texas A&M Extension Service.  A simple one-hour certification course teaching proper trimming methods and equipment should be required to protect our investments in these palms.

5. Preserve and strengthen our dunes.

Invite the GLO to do an inspection and audit of our dune system.  Are our local policies in line with the best practices worldwide?

6. Bury our distribution lines. 

There was an acknowledgment that this is a generational project.  It is too big for our small tax base to do all at once, but we could do one street per year.  The best way to beautify our island is to remove ugliness and it would give us much better storm resilience.

7. Develop an "Internet Team".

Whose job it is to develop a plan to improve our internet and cell services dramatically.  One key point was that it didn’t have to be council members and/or staff.  There is plenty of talent on the island (full and part-time) with expertise in these areas.  The end goal is world-class wi-fi and 5G.

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