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POWC (Property Owners Who Care)

POWC was originally formed by a group of concerned South Padre Island Property Owners to produce transparency in local and county government. Today however, you do not need to be a Property Owner to join POWC.

Our goal is to preserve, protect and enhance the quality of life on South Padre Island for everyone. Our purpose is to educate and inform citizens, to protect and preserve the parks and environment, and to promote year-round family friendly economic growth. Our mission is that our members will be the most informed voters on the island. 

Our Strength is Our Membership!


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Island Information

Information is our main purpose at POWC. We work to keep our members informed about governmental happenings, environmental issues and other matters that affect residents and visitors.

Below are several current, pending and ongoing projects concerning our Island. Information is updated as additional data is gathered.

Recent News

Island Matters - Letter to the Editor

August 21, 2020
Mayor McNulty emailed us on July 16. We were neither going to respond nor publish it. All of us have pushed “Send,” then wished we hadn’t. Since that time, our Reporter received documents from the State of Texas that make it clear that the mayor omitted and misrepresented facts in front of appointed boards, citizens of South Padre Island, our Reporter, and, therefore, our readers. Since we are 100% committed to facts, I could not sit on these facts.

Thursday's Newsletter - POWC’s Priorities for Island Development

August 20, 2020
You made your voice heard – CLEARLY! I have seldom read survey results that were so clear. Our members want 7 projects completed. The 6 Principles for Island Governance and these 7 projects are what we will use to interview candidates over the next few months. We will also track progress to completion. Your top 7 (by far) are: 1. Connect all the storm drains on Padre Blvd. to the storm sewers. This wasn’t even close! It was 5X as important as second place. Unfortunate...

Island Matters - Development Standards Task Review Faces Back Lash Over Denying Motions and Requesting Further Guidance from the City Amid HB 2439

August 18, 2020
Several Business owners attended the DSRTF meeting in request of discussion and action regarding the proposed location and proposed graphic for public art. Approximately ten business representatives not including City Manager Randy Smith, and Mayor Pro-Tem Ken Medders Jr. were present at this meeting. Chairman Gar Treharne asked board liaison Marta Martinez "I don't ever remember having a meeting like this. Do you?" "No," she replied. He continued, "Congratulations t...

Become a Member

You do not need to be a property owner to join POWC. We encourage you to become an Individual Member. Individual Membership includes up to 2 people per household and dues are $50 annually.

We provide members an informative monthly newsletter entailing the SPI Council Meetings and any other important City Meetings. We send out occasional information on events intended to keep citizen informed and effective. Our website provides members facts on current, pending and ongoing South Padre Island issues.

Our strength in this community is our membership and your participation is vital. Let Your Voice Be Heard!


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Phone:  (956) 346-4431

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